Catching the Eleven O’Clock


Photo by Thomas Dutour

Marie woke with the sun in her face. Late! How could she be late, today, of all days? Throwing her covers aside, she hopped out of bed and raced around, pulling herself together.

She shoved the last few items into her suitcase, threw her purse over her shoulder, and flipped off lights as she raced to the door. Drat! Where are my keys? Leaving her bag in the hallway, she checked everywhere–coffee table, night stand, bathroom counter, kitchen. She dropped her purse on the table. Ching. Metal on metal.

Really? The keys were in her bag the whole time? Hands shaking, she locked the door and dragged her suitcase to the elevator.

Marie checked the boards the moment she arrived in the station. The 10:15 had pulled out of the station two minutes ago. She’d missed it. How was she supposed to get to the wedding, now? She leaned against a nearby column, numbly watching the crowds pass, like ants in an ant hill, thousands of individuals going in thousands of directions.

True. She’d only decided to go to the wedding in the last week, but once the decision was made, she’d been consumed with anticipation for the gathering.

Her father had invited her a long time ago, but she’d put him off. Excuses were easy.  Each one more plausible than the last: previous commitments, friends, work, money. In the end, her reasons sounded ridiculous even to her own ears.

A woman passed by with her husband. “Aren’t you glad they put another train on the schedule? We can make it if we hurry.”

Marie glanced back at the boards, searching…searching…. There. Another train. 11:00 on Platform 3. “Oh, Father, thank you!”

 “In the same way your Father in heaven is not willing that any of these little ones should perish.” Matthew 18:14

Frequently, age and a misspent life make people hesitant to accept God’s grace. Even if you’ve resisted all of His previous invitations, He’s eager for you to catch the last train out of the station.

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Kathrese McKee


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