Signs of God – July 2, 2012

Two characteristics are built into each human: the love of music and the impulse to dance. We are what God made us to be, and He shared this little slice of Heaven with us. Music, and our connection to it, gives us insight into the nature of God. Some of the most amazing music ever composed was inspired by and for God. Music, then, is one of the Signs of God.

About the music: The final movement of Beethoven’s NInth Symphony included a vocal arrangement of a poem by Friedrich Schiller called “Ode to Joy”. Later, Henry van Dyke set his hymn, “Joyful, Joyful We Adore Thee”, to the tune of the “Ode to Joy”.  Enjoy the video.

I’d like to credit Josh Kasinger(@JoshKasinger) with sharing the following video with our praise team. Henry’s story will amaze you. More amazing still is the importance of music to the well-being of the human heart and mind.

Christ's Reflections

Think God

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