Waiting Too Long, Scripture Typer, Suffering – Reflections, March 16, 2012


Photo by Winnond via FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Don’t Wait Too Long… by Joana Melisia James
We hear it all the time, “Wait on God.” Oh, so true. But, what about the opposite scenario? When God is prompting you, what do you do?

Now you can use your iphone to memorize Scripture. Bible Memory Verses

Lee Stroebel: Why Does God Allow Pain, Suffering? by Alex Murashko of The Christian Post
This article covers an apologetics conference held last Saturday. The theme was “The Questions Christians Hope No One Will Ask.” If you haven’t read Stroebel’s book, The Case for Faith, or seen the program with the same name, put it in your schedule.

What’s the best way for a church to teach apologetics? Please leave your comments below.


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