Born-Again Fiction, Atheist Signs, Leaving God, Keeping a Record of Rights – Reflections, February 22

Genre Spotlight | Christian Fiction: A Born-Again Genre by Melanie C. Duncan (@MelanieCDuncan) for Library Journal. 

An Atheism campaign targets African Americans. Atheist Billboard Targets African Americans. This is an opportunity to investigate what and why you believe and to prepare for dialogue with your friends about faith.

What you thought was a sunset is actually a sunrise.

If you know people, especially young people, who are struggling with their faith, you may want to read Jim Kane’s (@1manandhisbooks) Review of Sarah Sentilles’ Breaking Up With God. The book is about one young woman’s decision to leave the ministry and walk away from God. Mr. Kane makes some excellent points about the need for reaching out in honest discussions to young adults today.

And, to end on a bright and positive note, please read Lori W.’s (@NotSoSuperwoman) post, Love: Keeping a Record of Rights. This ties right in with my last post: God’s Word, Fresh Every Time.


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