Water and Spirit Introduction

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The idea of using Creation to testify about its Creator that I wrote about in The God You Know or The God You Don’t Know reminds me of another train of thought I was mulling over last week, the pairing of water and the Spirit of God that occurs over and over in Scripture, starting with the Creation and moving forward into our lives today.

My well felt “dry” for a few days as I tried to make sense of this vague idea that kept coming to me at odd moments. Sunday, God faithfully filled me up with things to share from the book of John.

Last week, the passage that kept drawing my attention was the first chapter of John and the similarities between his account of creation and the one in the first chapter of Genesis. I kept turning the pages, and God drew my attention to the way John tied his Gospel together with stories that involved water and spirit.  As any student of the Bible knows, you should pay attention to patterns because they point to things God wants you to “get”.

Please join me in the days to come for the following posts:

  • “Water and Spirit and Creation”
  • “Water and Spirit and the New Man”
  • “Water and Spirit and Wine”
  • “Water and Spirit and Nicodemus”
  • “Water and Spirit at the Jordan”
  • “Water and Spirit at the Well”
  • “Water and Spirit at the Pool”
  • “Water and Spirit on the Sea”
  • “Water and Spirit Healing the Blind”
  • “Water and Spirit and Service”
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