How Long Is a Month in Heaven Years?

Clouds and Moonrise

Photo by Rendi Young Hahn

“How long is a month in Heaven years?” My son, James, is a future fantasy writer. How do I know? He asks imaginative questions like that one while he plays with his action figures and scripts their make-believe conversations.

Yet, this question made me think about God’s concept of time. He divided the daytime and the nighttime, he set the seasons, placed the planets on their paths, and spun the moon in its orbit. Time is important to God. Many, many verses in the Bible are references to historical events, to the passing of the years, and even to the hour of the day just so we can track when something occurred.

God created “time” as we know it, and yet, He lives on an eternal plane of existence where “forever” really means forever instead of the way we use it. We say, “It took FOREVER for us to get from Houston to D.C.” We use “always” and “never” in the same incorrect, casual manner; these words become a means to exaggerate. Applied to God, however, these words are true.

We look ahead and see insurmountable obstacles; God sees a future when the obstacles have been removed. We see a problem with no solution; God knows the resolution and what comes afterward. His plans stand, even though He has given us free will to make our choices for good or ill. His love endures forever. When evil happens, God works around the resulting tragedy to bring his plans for eternity to fulfillment.

How long is a month in Heaven years? Forever.

“The LORD will fulfill his purpose for me;
your steadfast love, O LORD, endures forever.”
Psalm 138:8

Special thanks to Rendi Young Hahn for permission to use her photo for this post.


2 thoughts on “How Long Is a Month in Heaven Years?

  1. Christ’s incarnation is amazing on a variety of levels – but one of the most amazing parts about it is that He chose to constrain himself to time, yet always carried the context of the eternal. I’ve been fretting this morning about a trip three weeks from now – how will I get ready? How will I possibly catch up when I return? Psalm 90 sets me in my place – written by old Moses, contrasting the fleeting, groaning, brief life to our Father, who from everlasting to everlasting IS God. “A thousand years in your sight are like a day that has just gone by, or like a watch in the night.” I think earthly time and seasons point to the eternal nature of God – every day, the cycle begins again. Won’t it be wonderful to be able to actually enjoy whatever “time” is like in eternity? God, help me to live like that today.

    • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I love the “thousand years” verse. Christ’s time here with us, “God with us”, means so much more to me because I know he went through it all: birth, childhood, scraped knees, hunger, cold, puberty, friendship, splintered relationships, funerals, weddings, betrayal, torture, death, and resurrection. My king humbled himself to life in a human body, but through everything, his focus was (and is) our eternal life or death.

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