Left-hand Lesson #2: You Can Learn Something New

Helping hands

This post is a continuation of the Left-hand Lessons.

My left hand has had to “learn” a lot of new skills this week: turning the ignition in my truck, brushing teeth, watering the plants, and using a fork. Hey, I’m not a European; I wield my fork with the dominant hand, and I only switch hands to cut my meat. Etiquette questions aside, my hands have different functions for everyday tasks, and as long as they both work, everyday tasks go smoothly. When one hand doesn’t work as needed, things get difficult, but the work can continue.

Since I’m trying to draw spiritual lessons from this experience, the lesson for today is that you can learn to do new things. It seems obvious, but how many times have you heard, “I don’t know how to do that” or “I don’t think I can do that”? That’s what my left hand was “saying” at first, but after a few tries, my left hand has been mostly successful with the unfamiliar activities. My right hand, temporarily disabled for some work, assisted the left hand when things got tough. I feel sure that if my right hand were permanently disabled or lost, my left hand would “learn” to do even more complicated tasks like writing and sewing. Those tasks would require special help from God, but I have faith that He would provide the help I need.

The church is a living organism (notice, I didn’t say “organization”), and as a living being, she can adjust and adapt. When one member of the body is disabled, another member can fill the breach. The only requirement is that there must be another member willing to jump in and try something new. The truly beautiful part, is that as one member ages and loses the ability to do a certain sort of work, he or she can assist a younger member to learn how to carry on the work of God.


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