Left-hand Lesson #1: I Don’t Know What You’re Doing

Left Hand

Photo by Yorkville

The right hand really doesn’t know what the left hand is doing and vice versa. This has become crystal clear to me since I had carpal tunnel surgery last week on my right hand. The doctor’s only directions were: 1) don’t get your bandage wet and 2) don’t lift anything more than 5 pounds. Five pounds! You wouldn’t believe the things that weigh more than 5 pounds: a gallon of milk, a car door, two or more decent-sized books, a pot of water for boiling spaghetti, a twelve pack of sodas, and the list goes on.

“The right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing” is true in the church, also. We don’t know much about the divine function of another member until that member is gone or disabled. On the surface, we know the functions of elders and deacons, but we don’t know the million and one things they do to serve the church. The same can be said for the ministers and the staff. As for the “average” church member, we have little knowledge of the divine functions our brothers and sisters fulfill. What about the Encourager? Or, the Unscheduled Helper? The Brother With the Pickup Truck? The Faithful Single Parent? The Cook? The Peacemaker? The point is that we are each essential to the other members, and we should value each other more than we do because we all have God-appointed functions to fulfill.


2 thoughts on “Left-hand Lesson #1: I Don’t Know What You’re Doing

  1. So true! Have recently been reminded that it takes “both eyes” to see things in properly. Depth perception for instance just flies right out the window, when only one eye is working properly! Thanks for reminding us to value each of our members within the Lord’s body as we should. Not to ever take them for granted. Will keep your ministry in my prayers.

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