Christ, Universal Blood Donor

“Have you thought about donating platelets?” The receptionist at the Blood Center had just checked me in and pulled up my information from previous visits.

“What? Would that be better?” I didn’t know you could donate only platelets, and I wondered how only platelets could be obtained.

“Well, you have A+ blood, so you’re a universal donor for platelets.”

After a few more questions, I learned that platelets are required for cancer patients, burn

Christ's Blood, Shed for Us

Pierced for Us

victims, bone marrow and organ transplants, and open heart surgery. A platelets-only donation produces a complete unit, ready for transfusion into a critically ill patient; it takes six units of whole blood donations to produce a single unit of platelets. Also, my platelet donation was good for any patient, regardless of their blood type. That’s why she asked me to consider apheresis. I said “yes” since I loved the idea that my choice might make a critical difference in saving someone else’s life. This experience reminded me of the saving power of Christ’s blood.

Christ is the Universal Blood Donor. We all suffer from a form of cancer called sin; we all agonize from being burned by Satan’s schemes; we all need to undergo a marrow-deep transformation; and we all need open heart surgery. Christ’s blood, so clean and pure, has the healing power we MUST receive in order to survive. His blood changes us at the cellular level, spiritually speaking. If we are consumed by sin, his blood makes us new. If we have been burned, we are restored. Since we can’t produce our own platelets to heal our spiritual wounds, he heals us. Our hearts are broken, but his blood makes them whole.

How has Christ’s blood changed your life?

I Peter 1:18-19


2 thoughts on “Christ, Universal Blood Donor

  1. I am so very thankful for Christ and His great sacrifice — but don’t believe I had ever heard the analogy of a universal blood donor before (or do I mean a metaphor?). Thanks for sharing both the information on the platelets and the reminder of the healing power of God’s loving sacrifice for all of us.

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