ZombieLARP? I fight zombies in real life!

The typical zombie.

Image via Wikipedia

What’s ZombieLARP? For less than £30.00, you too can fight zombies on September 3 – as long as you buy the tickets and report to an abandoned mall in Reading, UK. Zombies, for those who aren’t up on all kinds of paranormal creatures, are re-animated corpses who spend all their time hunting their prey – us. They are under the dominion of some evil, supernatural mastermind.

LARP stands for Live Action Role Play, like the holideck on the USS Enterprise in Star Trek. (If you’re not a Trekkie, call up your Trekkie friends for more information.)

So, you and your friends who want to save the world report to the abandoned mall in Reading, and you receive your weaponry: NERF guns and Buzz Bee rifles. Then, it’s survival of the fittest, an all out war against surprisingly punctual zombies. You run down corridors, hide behind pillars and around corners, flit up and down staircases, and try to make it to Station Zero, the only safe place. If the zombies get you, “You will be assimilated.” That means you BECOME a Borg…I mean, a zombie.

My question is: WHO NEEDS LARP? I fight zombies in real life! Really. I do.

Anyone who names Christ as Lord is already in the battle. The evil, supernatural mastermind only has one prey – us. He already controls the others in one way or another. Many of those under his control are happily unaware of their condition; all of them are defenseless, and most are consumed by an emptiness that they long to fill. Some, unfortunately, are willing minions who prey on the weak and lead innocent children into the dark lord’s control.

You see, I was once a zombie, too. Walking around, looking alive, but dead in my sin. The good news is that if you give up your zombie “life” and experience the death of baptism into Christ, then you get a new, eternal life. AND, you get shiny, new weapons, too. I have full-body armor, a shield, and a magnificent sword. All I have to do is be alert and wield my weapons well. Not to mention the great, daily supply of grace (life points) for when I mess up. It’s always sufficient to keep me alive.

Calling all zombies! Get your new life here!


Photo by ginnerobot



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